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Bonjour mes amis!

Posted by Brad on January 9, 2006

Bonjour mes amis!
hey there folks, this is my French adventure, or Frenchventure blog if you will. i hope all of you become faithfull readers of this b-log so its not entirely in vain ;-). Check back soon, check back often for updates. I dont leave for france until February 16th, so this blog will lie dormant for a while. Also, some posts maybe en francais, so be prepared to use a translator or ton/ta tete i suck at getting the right gender :-p. Fianlly, I’ll have any pics i take posted on my flickr. Which can be accesed on the right bar deal>>>>

A Plus!


3 Responses to “Bonjour mes amis!”

  1. Brieana said

    Hi dork. I’m gonna miss you a lot. Seriously, I am. But I gotta still get that money back to Whitey so carefully. I’m scared! Damn France. You’re gonna have so many frenching experiences without me… tear:( now you can look at my blog. bye darlin

  2. well this is sweet… i don’t have much to say except that i’ll most likely check this all the time as i have no life outside of blogs.. so haha YES plus for u : it will not be COMPLETELY in vain… unless ur goal was to get everyone except for me to read it… in which case u suck and u failed. no consolation prize bitch. haha i’m not.. wow (ramble) have.. fun in france forever – i know its not forever i was just going for the aliteration..

  3. Ali said

    I will miss you more thatn your mother! Well maybe not more than her, but I really miss having you around, you are like a not-so-much-older brother, but you are a really good friend, I hate when people say that you are like a brother, but no one isactually best friends with thier siblings. Rambling sorry, I will really miss you 😦 ):

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