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Fam Jam

Posted by Brad on February 22, 2006

So, I figure since I`ll probly mention them quite a bit, I should introduce them. They are, the Fam(ily) who i am in no way related to.

Dont misinterpret, all the things said here are good things.

Bernard- Is the dad/adult of the family, great guy, very outgoing.

Alex- Is the eldest son, very funny, and loud.

Juliette- Is a border, her family and Antoine`s family are very good friends, shes refined, and funny at the same time.

then theres Antoine, and me- Duh

Any ways, today was sort of slow, more video games. We walked up town to look at cellphones, and i bought some postcards for y`all who gave me adresses, so be expecting t hose soon. Any ways, im out


Love Brad



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Mountaineer, (or how ever thats spelled)

Posted by Brad on February 21, 2006

Today was good, i got up late, like noon and had weetabix for break fast, i was surprised that they have weetabix here. But any way, after an couple of hours relaxing, Marie-Renée (Antoine’s mum) picked us up to go to a chateux(sp) in the mountains, which was very cool, and ill get some pics on here ASAP. We then headed up into the mountains further, where there is like, 4 feet of snow and i thot it was funny how they all took pictures of the snowplows, seeing as i see them everyday at home. Next, we started back down the mountain where we stopped in a little mountain village to see this really sweet church, from like 9876237294 years ago. Today was probly the best day so far.

Will post again later

Love Brad


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The Foreigner

Posted by Brad on February 20, 2006

So today was good, i slept in, and had croissants for breakfast with a bowl of tea, how weird. Antoines brother got back today, so now the whole fam jam is here. we played video games vfor most of the day, and then went to play football(soccer) and boy do i suck, not to mention that i cudnt understand them, and i accidentaly sacked some kid. still working on getting pics uploaded.

Just call me Fes

Love Brad


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Ive arrived!

Posted by Brad on February 19, 2006

Well, finally Im here, after a retarded and delayed voyage, ewww. we were stuck on the ground for three extra hours because of de icing in toronto. But anyway, paris was amazing as would be expected, and we did the usual eiffle tour and sein tour. The hotel was good, and i was luckily roomed with another guy who is in the same city as me. Tonight we went out to dinner at Antoine’s mom’s house, and that was nice, she is very worldly with lots of things from different places, we got out some photo albums and were looking at all the places she has been. My room here is nice, It has a small balconie which i love. Everyone has been great, and welcoming, but im finding it hard to communicate, and im starting to fee a bit dumb.

Any ways

i gotta go to bed, i think we are going biking tomorrow, i dunno, i didnt understand

Love Brad



The keyboard is different here :-s  

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Video! On a Blog?!

Posted by Brad on February 14, 2006

Hey, This is just a sample to show that I can add video. Maybe ill take some vids with my digi and out them on here later. 

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Thank you

Posted by Brad on February 12, 2006

If you’re checking thos out because you got the e-mail, thank you for showing up, and bookmark this page. Please.

4 days

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Woman Deletes Internet!

Posted by Brad on February 11, 2006

well that title doesn’t have anything to do with this post. I leave in 5  days now. Holy shit, thats soon. I had a dream last night that i forgot my passport at home, and i was at the airport, so then i couldnt go and i was just stranded in Toronto. Let’s hope that doesnt happen. Fingers crossed. So, I fugure today I ought to do a test pack to see how much my bags are going to weigh, and to make sure that i have everything. The stupid airlines lowered the weight limits, grrrr. Travelling is stressful.

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Single Digits

Posted by Brad on February 7, 2006

Ok so the official countdown to France is 9 days. Yes thats right, single digit days. Very scary. I started second semester today, it is muy bueno and it will suck to leave it for 3 months. Alex and I are in the same classes all day together ( she is leaving too in 12 days)

I guess for now i will just bask in the doings on nothing. 😀

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Agent MacDonald

Posted by Brad on February 4, 2006

Agent MacDonald

Originally uploaded by Salvester.

Lol, this is sweet! I wonder if it will get me into any press conferences?

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More info.

Posted by Brad on February 1, 2006

Ok, so i got my final info today about leaving.



AirFrance flight 359 @ 19:05 from T-3


Paris @ 08:35 in the crazy Parisian aeroport

going to a hotel, staying the night, get shipped out to clermont-ferrand the next morning. Flight AF7656 @ 15:25

16 Freakin days!

Btw. Come and bid me adieu on the 16th @ 1400 Venetian Blvd. (Best Western Guildwood) Tell me if ur coming so I can watch out for you!

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