The Fry Shack Zombie

Ugh, working in a fry shack is horrid.

Thank you

Posted by Brad on February 12, 2006

If you’re checking thos out because you got the e-mail, thank you for showing up, and bookmark this page. Please.

4 days


4 Responses to “Thank you”

  1. Dayna said

    Oh God, Brad, you’re leaving so soon! i’m going to miss, I hope you have fun all they way over in France! I don’t know about the time difference, but try to e-mail me as much as you can! Oh God, they grow up so fast :P. Have fun Brad, I’ll miss watching you eat your egg sammich on the bus every morning. Lol.

  2. Pat Ovens said

    BRADLEY.. get practicing your french 🙂

    hehe from the little time i was sober in Quebec City on newsyears, here is what i experianced.

    not knowing the language that 85% of the people speak makes you feel extremely out of place. BAD feeling.

    ex. i went to a Subway.. they had no idea what i was talking about, i wanted lettuce, onions, chesse, mayo, and mustard.. but noooooo it took 12 minutes just to make the thing. the only way they understood was by me stepping my knoledge down to grade 1 and pointing at the things i wanted.

    gahhh anyways im rambling on now, and i know Quebec is NOTHING like france. but hey for what it was worth, there was my advice.

    have fun in france and give my regards to Antoine (nooo idea how to spell the kids name lol) tell him that if his house is ever on fire, firefighter pat will come save the day. hahaha

    ps. im bad at counting, will you be at school this week?



  3. Becky Hay said

    Aw, I’m so jealous…France. Even the word sounds sophisticated 🙂 Fraaawnce. I hope you have fun and I’m sure you know by know that every single person here will miss you lots, seeng as everyone (including me) has told you at least twice when I was there. But anyway…MISS YOU. HAVE FUN. TRY ESCARGOT.

  4. Kate Cunningham said

    Oh bradley as of right now you are probably either sitting ina plane flying into the beautiful french city of France or you are already there. I can tell you one thing.. 2morro when i got ot school u won’t be there and ill miis that .. i love u lots have tonns and tonnns of fun and exciting times ok darlin.. love you and don’t rasberry anyone while ur over there save up for me lol bye hun

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