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Video! On a Blog?!

Posted by Brad on February 14, 2006

Hey, This is just a sample to show that I can add video. Maybe ill take some vids with my digi and out them on here later. 


5 Responses to “Video! On a Blog?!”

  1. Melissa Schilz said

    awe BRAD!
    you’re leaving!

    But that was an interesting video I must say..kind of..innapropriate. haha
    I will missss youuuu terriiblyy
    But I hope you have loads of fun.
    Give Antoine a hug for me!


  2. Ali said

    Huh. YOu can do that. Well umm have fun


  3. Paige said

    That was a very steamy video, where did you find it, funny though, have fun in france!!!!

  4. Beenana (aka Brie) said

    Dude, WTF?
    Where were you? I had my bags packed, and I waited for you outside of my house for hours… 13 to be exact. and you never showed. Now Im going on a hunger strike until you come back and get me. how could you forget me? I am crushed. ok, I’m just kidding. I wrote that thing about the hunger strike as I was mowing down on greasy bacon strips and hunks of fried potatoes (mmm, can you hear my arteries clogging from France?) Anywho, this weekends been stressful, cuz I’ve had to work all three days and take care of my baby (which I named Brad — ok, its a girl and I named it Abrielle (abby for short)). Oops too many brackets. Anywho, I’m telling you this, cuz you know I woulda told you outside the aud in the morning. So, lets pretend you are reading this monday morning, and I just told you the story about my shitty weekend, ok? Cuz if we dont pretend, my mornings are going to feel incomplete. Hey, do you think I wrote the longest reply to date? I hope so. AND NO ONE WILL EVER BEAT ME… ok, people, I know some of you could, but please dont… thats the only thing going for me right now. The fact that so far, I’ve written the longest reply. *sigh*… ok, now Im just stalling from doing my homework… and I have too much of it dot dot dot…. (hehe), so I gotta go. Have so much fun, French with Antoine for me, and eat some snails! Love ya and miss ya

  5. Jenn said

    love you bradley!
    *hahaha.. im gonna shoot you in the face with a bebe gun ;)* good times sweetie, good times.

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