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Ive arrived!

Posted by Brad on February 19, 2006

Well, finally Im here, after a retarded and delayed voyage, ewww. we were stuck on the ground for three extra hours because of de icing in toronto. But anyway, paris was amazing as would be expected, and we did the usual eiffle tour and sein tour. The hotel was good, and i was luckily roomed with another guy who is in the same city as me. Tonight we went out to dinner at Antoine’s mom’s house, and that was nice, she is very worldly with lots of things from different places, we got out some photo albums and were looking at all the places she has been. My room here is nice, It has a small balconie which i love. Everyone has been great, and welcoming, but im finding it hard to communicate, and im starting to fee a bit dumb.

Any ways

i gotta go to bed, i think we are going biking tomorrow, i dunno, i didnt understand

Love Brad



The keyboard is different here :-s  


4 Responses to “Ive arrived!”

  1. kait said

    awhh brad, you arent dumb! hhaha, it must be hard tho, understadning them and all. I’m sure you will get the hang of it, keep teaching yourself french, you will have a jolly good time.
    LOL, croissants and a bowl of tea! what a steriotyipical french meal!!

  2. Ali said

    Brad? Dumb? I don’t think so! Awww! Antoines parents are splitsville?

  3. Brad said

    Lol, im starting to get a bit better now, give me time.

  4. я так считаю: бесподобно.

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