The Fry Shack Zombie

Ugh, working in a fry shack is horrid.

The Foreigner

Posted by Brad on February 20, 2006

So today was good, i slept in, and had croissants for breakfast with a bowl of tea, how weird. Antoines brother got back today, so now the whole fam jam is here. we played video games vfor most of the day, and then went to play football(soccer) and boy do i suck, not to mention that i cudnt understand them, and i accidentaly sacked some kid. still working on getting pics uploaded.

Just call me Fes

Love Brad



5 Responses to “The Foreigner”

  1. Ali said

    I hope you start fitting in better adn stop sacking the locals:)!

    love ya

  2. Brad said

    Lol, ill have to work on that

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