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Mountaineer, (or how ever thats spelled)

Posted by Brad on February 21, 2006

Today was good, i got up late, like noon and had weetabix for break fast, i was surprised that they have weetabix here. But any way, after an couple of hours relaxing, Marie-Renée (Antoine’s mum) picked us up to go to a chateux(sp) in the mountains, which was very cool, and ill get some pics on here ASAP. We then headed up into the mountains further, where there is like, 4 feet of snow and i thot it was funny how they all took pictures of the snowplows, seeing as i see them everyday at home. Next, we started back down the mountain where we stopped in a little mountain village to see this really sweet church, from like 9876237294 years ago. Today was probly the best day so far.

Will post again later

Love Brad



2 Responses to “Mountaineer, (or how ever thats spelled)”

  1. Beenana (aka Brie) said

    Ok,holy exaggerate…. that many years old? REALLY?! Some people dont even think humans have been on earth that long…duh. Ok, did you check out the longest blog I left you a few days ago? I hope you laughed. Miss ya. Have fun!

  2. Shane, Lord of the Hearth said

    Brie, NO ONE believes humans have been on Earth for nine billion years! That pre-dates the Mesozoic Era by 8.7 billion years!
    Paleontology aside, Brad, you’re cool.
    Keep up the international relation-building, for all of us. Now if I could only convince people to stop hating Americans based on their leader – don’t switch horses mid-stream, that’s all I’m saying.

    Aaaah, free speech!
    Sorry, this is not an arena for such things.

    We love you.

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