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Fam Jam

Posted by Brad on February 22, 2006

So, I figure since I`ll probly mention them quite a bit, I should introduce them. They are, the Fam(ily) who i am in no way related to.

Dont misinterpret, all the things said here are good things.

Bernard- Is the dad/adult of the family, great guy, very outgoing.

Alex- Is the eldest son, very funny, and loud.

Juliette- Is a border, her family and Antoine`s family are very good friends, shes refined, and funny at the same time.

then theres Antoine, and me- Duh

Any ways, today was sort of slow, more video games. We walked up town to look at cellphones, and i bought some postcards for y`all who gave me adresses, so be expecting t hose soon. Any ways, im out


Love Brad



11 Responses to “Fam Jam”

  1. kait said

    so do you go to school there? like antoine did here? i would like to knowwwwww

  2. Jenn said

    :O you didn’t tell me to give you my address.. do you still want it? Sorry I haven’t been commenting more. I hope your having fun.

  3. Beenana (aka Brie) said

    Dude, do you even realize I’m alive? At least you could acknowledge that I blog. haha, jk. Get some pics on the computer, so I can see everything (love your photography!)

  4. French Class 211. said

    HEY BUD! It’s the class again! I got your em-mail, Mmme. is excited to hear that you are picking up the french better, she asks about you everyday, so I get computer time aha! We are listening to Coldplay, Laurel wen tot their concert lastnight so she brought the CD, it’s good music. Anyways, just saying hi, good to here from you!

    Bisous, Mmme. said means hugs and kisses, so right back attcha!

  5. Becky Hay said

    HEY sounds like your having a great trip…and you’re missing absolutely nothing, it’s all boring and blah and dialogue dialogue dialogue in french…Ha, lucky, no school. When do you get off vacation?

  6. Jess said


  7. Melissa Schilz said

    where art thou!
    awe I miss you
    but I hope you are having funn!

  8. Shane, Lord of the Hearth said

    Brad. It’s Shane. I’m commenting on your blog to tell you one thing and two things only. Third of all, I hope you’re having as kick-ass a time as I’m imagining you are. Speaking of what I’m imagining, did you really kill that guy? Get back to me on that, I can defend you, I’m a lawyer.
    Anyway, I know you’re probably busy on the radio, and teaching schoolchildren to play baseball before you’re moved out of the country because the Viet Cong are nearing the city in which you’re stationed. Oh, Robin Williams, right… I’m sorry, I don’t think there’s a movie about you, so I can’t relate at all.
    Have fun, my friend.

  9. Jenn said

    man brad.. blog again!! It’s been 4 days.. what happened?

  10. Laura (chipman:)) said

    bradley! it sounds like you are having a stupendous time. the revue is the day afer tommorow and let me tell you, it seems so far you are missing not much. ahem. no no, it seems alright. i kid to all. tell antoine laura the girl he never met says ‘salut!’ a lil bit of slang fer yuh there BYE BRAD-A-LOO

    P.S I want to have your babies

  11. Laura (chipman:)) said

    ah. i did not write that ‘ps’ part.. someone.. someone else did **looks around in fear then slowly, very slowly backs away

    then gets shot**

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