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Posted by Brad on March 29, 2006

Ok, wowo so ive found a computer that isnt completely messed up, and i can access my blog, jeeeeze that took for ever, actually im in a cafe that has free wireless net so i can use my lappy!! Any way, I havent been to school in nearly 2 weeks because of this damn manifesting so i dont know if ill ever get back now, lol thats gonna suck if they fail me… mmm, not alot has happened herem pretty much everday i hanfg with my best friends here Sam and Amanda which is sweet cos we always have fun.


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My Room!!!

Posted by Brad on March 4, 2006

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La Loire

Posted by Brad on March 3, 2006

Ok, so i got back from my week on La Loire just the other day, and I must say Chateaux are sweet. The first day we went to the house of Leonardo Da Vinci where he died, which was very interesting. Then to the chateau of Chonanceau (sp), then Chambord and finally Blois. One chateau per day, and ten a couple days of lounging. Un fortunately i dont have many digi pics because my batteries died the first day 😦 We went to one of Antoine`s friends yesterday and stayed the night. Today I went to the Mall all by myself, becque im a big boy now, and i bought a whitestripes CD. Not much else new, I start school Monday


Talk to you later

Love Brad


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