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La Loire

Posted by Brad on March 3, 2006

Ok, so i got back from my week on La Loire just the other day, and I must say Chateaux are sweet. The first day we went to the house of Leonardo Da Vinci where he died, which was very interesting. Then to the chateau of Chonanceau (sp), then Chambord and finally Blois. One chateau per day, and ten a couple days of lounging. Un fortunately i dont have many digi pics because my batteries died the first day 😦 We went to one of Antoine`s friends yesterday and stayed the night. Today I went to the Mall all by myself, becque im a big boy now, and i bought a whitestripes CD. Not much else new, I start school Monday


Talk to you later

Love Brad



4 Responses to “La Loire”

  1. Ali said

    Oh have fun at school Bradley! Revue went on the past two nights. and I tell ya, improv is hard as hell infront of that many people

    have a great time, don’t forget your lunch:)

  2. Becky Hay said

    Have fun at school…sounds like a crazy good time 🙂

  3. Jenn said

    Brad, i just want to say.. i will be so close yet so far away from you in less than 4 days! I love you and i want pictures of these people. and I am giving you my adress. i want a postcard!!

    Jennifer Bradshaw ( duh)
    107 Gordon Street
    Sarnia, Ont. N7T 6N7
    ( in case you didn’t know what country we are from.. since you have been gone so long!)

    love you

  4. Jenn said

    i meant address*

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