The Fry Shack Zombie

Ugh, working in a fry shack is horrid.

My Room!!!

Posted by Brad on March 4, 2006


8 Responses to “My Room!!!”

  1. Laura (chipman:)) said

    it takes too long to load on my computer,so i have yet to experience it.. i am ever so sorry boo rad

  2. Ms. B said

    Hi Brad,
    It is March Break and I just checked out your blog for the first time. You kids and the technologically savvy world in which you live– this is my first ever experience looking at this “blog” business. Okay, so like Laura Chipman, I also couldn’t wait out the video but I read all your entries so far and it is cool to hear about your experience. I hope school isn’t too difficult and that your comprehension is improving. By the way, I doubt you have heard, but I’ve recently started to share the news that my husband and I are going to have a baby this August. We are happy. Take care Brad.
    Ms. Brander “Ape”

  3. manda said

    hey i have tired that video a 100000000000 times it is poopie it doesn’t work! pfft so disapointed highlight of my march break just runined oh well ill go back to knitting now bye babe

  4. Mum said

    Hey…..We need more Blogs !!!!! Nothing new in weeks mate!!! Pictures too !!LOL

  5. Em said

    Hey B-Rad, HOw are you?! I miss having you here Brad, your such a good guy, I’ve loked at your blog a few times but not too recently so I just got all caught up on the wonderful adventures of Bradly the exchange student. About the comprehension and speaking thing, I’m sure you’re doing better then any of us could have hoped to have done in your shoes, and a certain teacher at our school, who teahces who will remain nameless went on and exchane n highschool to France and at the dinner table asked for condoms thinking she was asking for bread or some such thing, so no matter what you say nothing could top that, but you should try anyways 😉

    love ya Brad can’t wait to have you home! xox–EM

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