The Fry Shack Zombie

Ugh, working in a fry shack is horrid.


Posted by Brad on March 29, 2006

Ok, wowo so ive found a computer that isnt completely messed up, and i can access my blog, jeeeeze that took for ever, actually im in a cafe that has free wireless net so i can use my lappy!! Any way, I havent been to school in nearly 2 weeks because of this damn manifesting so i dont know if ill ever get back now, lol thats gonna suck if they fail me… mmm, not alot has happened herem pretty much everday i hanfg with my best friends here Sam and Amanda which is sweet cos we always have fun.


8 Responses to “FINALLLLLY!!”

  1. Shane, She Wrote said

    Finally indeed, my friend. It’s good to see that you are well. Me, I’m going to a monster truck rally. That’s about all the news you need to know for now. More updates when I find other, equally non-pertinent stories.

  2. Ali said

    it’s about time we here from you! I’m glad you’re well, I must tend to my lactating goat tty;

  3. Ali said

    quite right! it’s about time that we here from you ! I miss you! And now I must tend to my lactating goat

  4. Melissa Schilz said

    I missss youuuu!
    so so much
    I can’t wait for you to return, but I hope you are having a gooood time

  5. Camille said

    Salut Brad, c’est Camille!
    je n’ai pas tout compris a tes articles mais j’espere que la France ça te plaît et que si tu reviens tu passeras me voir!

  6. Kaiitt said

    wow bradd
    you are coming home soon!!
    see you soooon !!!!!!!!!

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