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Become An Exchange Student

Ok, so I guess some of you may be wondering how on earth one goes about going on exchange. Well today is your lucky day. 

First step: September

If you have French class, you can just ask you teacher about going. But a true french teacher will hunt you down if they think that you have potential to go on exchange. Once they have chased you down and have you hog-tied, you can sign up for the application which will arrive a month or two after you apply. To apply you have to get six references from ex-teachers, principals etc. 

Second Step: December-January

When you get your application, there will be a very lengthy survey attached that will ask you everything about your life. This is to ensure a perfect match with you partener. With this application you will have to include pictures of your: house, school, friends, bathroom, guest room, and another place of your choice. When entirely completed, return the application to your teacher/school exchange coordinator.


Third Step: May-June

After months of waiting, and wondering, your parteners application will arrive at your school. Their application will look much like yours, and will contain similar if not exact questions as the ones you answered. Along with this folder, comes an acceptance form. This forms is used if you want to decline your partner (Which is probably a bad idea, exchange companies match very well) But if you do decide to decline, every effort will be made to find a new partner in time.



Fourth Step: August

You partner will soon be arriving, you will recieve information in the mail about flight times etc. Make sure to welcome your partner, and be aware that they will be very tired when they arrive.


Fifth Step: August-November

Make you partner’s time in Canada one to remember, be sure to let them experience the full Canadian culture. Also be sure to remember the your partner Is not a houseguest and they should be treated like A member of the family. After a short 3 (or 2 months to belgium) stay, it will be time to send your partner on their way. This is sure to be an emotional time, but you can be re-assured by the fact that, in 3.5 months, you will be in their home!


Sixth Step: January-May

January will be spent getting ready for you half of the exchange, and a meeting will be held mid-month to confirm travel arrangements and other matters. Once mid-february comes around, you will be preparing to depart. You will be sent off by bus ( or driven to the airport if your parents want to) and will be met by Exchange Officials. These officials will be taking care of you until you arrive with your family. Usually there is an orientation day in your host country to help you settle in, and then you are sent of to your family’s city. Remember that while you are in their home You are not a houseguest although you may want to be like one for the first week or so be sure not to be the guest for 3 months.

For more information click here



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